About LanAldi?

It is a career guidance programme aimed at first year A Level students before they choose their higher education and is based on workshops in the classroom and on the possibility of practical experience with a professional.


Provide students with a new perspective on the importance of education and training.

Develop skills such as proactivity, responsibility, creativity, communication …

Understand aspects regarding the management of organisations: contributing value, customers, channels of communication, revenue or expenses.

Close the gap between education and the professional sphere.


  • Action 1 (3 hours) – Presentation of the programme and workshops to develop professional skills with a view to improving the individual skills and values of a generation that is prepared for change and new ideas, assuming risks and errors as part of the learning process.
  • Action 2 – Hosting by professionals (businessmen). Students will enjoy the possibility of accompanying a professional during working hours for a full day.
  • Action 3 (2 hours) – Workshops designed to share experiences with other school colleagues, concentrating on work performed in Action 1.


Signing up to LanAldi:

LanAldi is open throughout the academic year.

If you want to sign up or request further information, please contact us via the following link [button4 size=»medium»  color=»#C8C8C8″ link=»contacto-centros-educativos»] Contact form [/button4]




Program promoted by Fundación Novia Salcedo

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