What is LanAldi?

About LanAldi

LanAldi is a programme developed in the Basque Country to promote the participation of first-year secondary school students (A Level students), schools, professionals, businesses and organisations through a business volunteerism mechanism.

Its mission is to provide innovative career guidance to students in 1st year at high school (A level students) before they go on to higher education through a series of workshops and a practical experience with a profesional.

For one day, first year A-level students will accompany professionals as they perform their daily activities. This offers students a new perspective on the importance of education and training, bringing them face-to-face with different future career alternatives, introducing them to the opportunities and demands of employment and preparing them as 21st century professionals.


Provide students with a new perspective on the importance of education and training.

Develop skills.

Close the gap between education and the professional sphere.

Frame of reference: International campaign for the Youth Employment Decade 2019 – 2028

In recent years, unemployment data, the economic recession and the break-down of the social model suggest that we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the labour market with two key aspects: lack of employment and a growing demand for professional skills. A reality that we share with more regions of the global village than we imagine. Unemployment has become one of the great challenges for humanity in this century, particularly youth employment, as there are more than 75 million people under the age of 25 who are in this situation.

Therefore, the NSF have launched the Pegasus project, an international campaign to achieve an international movement of reflection, thought, discussion and action with a view to providing ideas, content and solutions to unemployment or non-decent employment that is affecting hundreds of millions of young people around the world. The ultimate goal is to convince the General Assembly of the United Nations to declare 2019-2028 as the Youth Employment Decade, an opportunity and driving force for the economic and social transformation of organisations and countries.

NSF actions and projects are based on this Pegasus framework; the need to rethink our socio-economic model and see youth employment as an opportunity for transformation by supporting the new generations to overcome the barriers to access the labour market.